[urq] VIN # for '85 UrQ

j.koenig koenigj at comcast.net
Fri Apr 27 11:14:56 EDT 2007

I've tried (unsuccessfully) to track down the specific information about each VIN 
character that I thought I had, but...

I think the issue may revolve around the fact that both the "ur-" quattro and the 4000 
quattro are "Type 85" vehicles, and the VIN character(s) that denote model codes don't 

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From: "Geoff Garrett" <garrett_geoff at yahoo.com>
Subject: [urq] VIN # for '85 UrQ

  I got one question on my auction about the VIN # from a guy named Scott.  He sold his 
mother's original owner '85 UrQ 15 years ago and regrets it.

  We all have those VIN decoders and he raised a good point about the WAUDC portion of the 
VIN.  I don't have the decoder in front of me, but it says the car should be a 4000 sedan. 
I can't remember if it's the D or C that indicates that.

  I know my VIN/car are correct because every UrQ starts with the same WAUDC.  When i 
looked for this car, i charted about 36 '85s and the details of the cars including the 
  My VIN is consistent with every '85 i came across.

  Any thoughts about the issue?  Is the car that rare where Audi didn't want to alter it's 
coding definitions?


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