[urq] Liquid penetrant test - 50/50 mix of ATF and Acetone beats Kroil etc.

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Apr 27 13:29:32 EDT 2007

> "The easiest and slickest way to deal with rusted-in bolts,  
> regardless of where they are is as follows;
> 1. find a candle....yes, an ordinary candle from the kitchen drawer
> 2. get a torch. acetylene or mapp work best, but propane will do
> 3. heat the metal AROUND the offending bolt as hot as is practical.
> 4. feed the candle into the threads untill the wax quits melting
> 5. repeat 3&4 a couple of times
> 6. use an easy out or a pair of pliers (if a stub is left...)

> Anyone tried it?

Sounds like the repeated heating is doing 90% of the work here.  Heat is 
usually the last resort anyway, since one always worries about heating 
delicate parts nearby.

One thing I *have* done, and it works quite well, is weld a big nut to a 
rounded bolt head or broken stub (or a combination of a fender washer 
and big nut).  Granted, the heat and current of welding is helping, but 
it also makes a nice big "thing" to put a wrench on.

The one thing that "never" works are ez-outs!

Huw Powell



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