[urq] NAC: Beemer bike for sale

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Wed Aug 1 02:52:05 EDT 2007

... a '93 k1 eh?  That's a rare bike.  1993 was the last year, and since it was never popular there were very few sold ... sound like the 1986 urQ?  I consider the BMW k1 somewhat similar to the urq ... can you tell that I've got one?  :-)  A lot of folks think the k1 was supposed to be a super sport bike ... but it was really intended as an aerodynamic bike.  The k1 is also the first bike to have ABS.  My bike did a ride from San Jose to Santa Maria ... don't know the average speed, but I hooked up with another K-bike rider on 101 and we spent a bit of time north of the speed limit ... I filled up when I got to Santa Maria ... 52MPG.
  I'd be interested in talking to your neighbor ... has he had the k1 long?  I've got a '92 which I bought new ... and now has 125K miles.  
  The place I'd point your friend is to the IBMWR.org site.  There are a couple lists for k1 fans ... one in Yahoo groups and the other is a majordomo list on a server called twinight.org.  I'd be happy to help him sell the bike ... 
  Steve B
  San Jose, CA (USA)

Louis-Alain Richard <larichard at plguide.com> wrote:
  A neighbour of mine, old bike and old car collector, want to sell his
low-mileage 1993 BMW K1. I know a few of you in Kalifohnia do drive Beemer
bikes, can you help me direct him to a good BMW site ?

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