[urq] a/c compressor conversion

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Thu Aug 2 10:42:55 EDT 2007

Hi Eric-
Thanks for the info.  Do you know what your vent temps are?



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Brandon & Eric,

I just completed a Sanden rotary compressor conversion on my UrQ.  I
ordered my parts from ICE.  They have a "kit" with all the parts you
need.  I use the term kit loosely though.  I had to use some creativity
and custom fitting to get it all in there.  They have a York adapter
plate that you need to drill one hole in to mount on the UrQ mount.  The
Sanden rotary compressor is very nice and light.  I had to play around a
bit with fittings and hoses to get everything to work right.  I was able
to re-use the hard line that snakes around the back of the engine bay.
They also provided me with a new dryer.  Pretty much, replace all the
hoses with new R134 compatible hose and the new green O-rings.  My
system runs fine.  Not ice cold, but much better than the leaky R12
system ever was.  The whole thing ran me about $800.  When I have some
time, I will go take some pics and get a list of all the specific
fittings I used.  Can't remember off the top of my head now.


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