[urq] Interesting price forOM sub bush (US$ = 15.00)

bhowell at rmi.net bhowell at rmi.net
Tue Aug 7 14:10:49 EDT 2007

Having the price drop like that can sometimes indicate that they are making
preperations for the part to go NLA. They will dump the price in an effort
to move as many of them as possible and when they are gone, they are gone
for good. Alternatvly, they allow a certain amount of time to sell what
they can and then destroy whatever is left.

Here in the States, they typically say the part is on "Delete Status" and
you can bank on them being gone for good shortly after that happens.


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From: Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007 17:29:08 +0200
To: urq at audifans.com, quattro at audifans.com
Subject: [urq] Interesting price forOM sub bush (US$ = 15.00)

Hi All

Found front sub bush (857 199 415 B) in Geneva VAG for $15.00, for which 
I paid something like double that last year. The rear is however same 
price as before ($31.00). How does it compare with US and CAN, anyone?



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