[urq] Audi A4 bumpers are well rated

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sat Aug 11 01:44:01 EDT 2007

Tony Hoffman writes:
> WOW!! I thought the point of all this added weight was more safety and
> better build. In some cases, maybe, but to see that Escort take a hit
> like that, and then see the C-class get all messed up, I never
> imagined. Maybe my 82 Jetta is safer than I thought!!
> Tony Hoffman
> On 8/10/07, Louis-Alain Richard <larichard at plguide.com> wrote:
> > It is so funny to see brand new mid-size luxury cars being
> > crashed at only 5 mph (front-rear) and 3 mph (corner) and
> > suffer such damages.
> >
> > http://www.iihs.org/video.aspx?f=releases/pr080207.flv
> >
> > I guess our older cars would fare better, like the Escort.
> >
> > Louis-Alain

Well, this test is for the cost of repairs due to minor accidents.
The '82 Jetta may indeed cost less to fix in these kinds of
cirmcumstances but in a much bigger crash, I don't think there is
any question that more modern cars will protect you better.


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