[urq] 80's Audi were Below average in NHTSA crash test . Audi A4 bumpers are well rated

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 23 03:32:46 EDT 2007

Thanks Huw,

I just started lingering on MotorGeek also and think I may have seen your
name referenced on there. ;-)

Glad your still here to correct our mis-ups and help us figured out
electrical issues.  Stay tuned for more on that!

I guess that's one flaw of my design for my CQ rallycar.  It has a custom
Steering column that is not offset.  The 1x pt roll cage should help that
some as it extends all the way to the front bumper but still.  Maybe I
should change that.  I always noticed it when working on cars, but never
really thought about it.

Hmm.  Nader....Hmmmm....  So hard to say thanks to someone that...well...

I'll be back with more later.  For now, I'm stuck in Belize and we just got
hammered by a big hurricane.  No power for 2-weeks they are saying.  Thank
god for generators and Satellite Dishes. :-)  But wrenching on the 4ktq will
have to take a back seat to more "Important" things.  Like getting that TREE
off my house. 

Luckily it didn't hit the 4ktq. And didn't damage the house.



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> bumpers are well rated
>> Thanks Huw.
>> I was sure it was the Type 85 that first had Pro Con 10.
>> I had forgotten about the offset steering column.  Thanks for that tidbit.
>> ;-)
>> Have a good one.
> Hi Todd, it's always good to se an old name on here!
> As far as offset steering columns, they have been pretty much "de
> riheur" since the 70's.  IE, my '78 Cheby truck has that feature.
> "Stop the killer steering wheel column"  Thank you , Ralph?  Maybe...
> -- 
> Huw Powell
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