[urq] Home-made Sport Quattro pedal-car project

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Aug 24 14:03:22 EDT 2007

> Since my 2-year old girl is born, I wanted to create her a
> pedal-car, or at least a soapbox, just because. Because I
> always wanted one, because she would look cool in it,
> because winter is long in Montreal, because I love to play
> with my tools, because...
> Now, being an Audi guy, my goal is to create her a 1:4 or
> 1:5 Sport Quattro, using this paper model as a model (duh
> !): the red '85 Quattro S1 on this page
> http://www.darringer.com/carta/index.html. My own 1983
> Quattro will also be involved as a 1:1 model. These cars are
> so square, it will look the part even if made from plywood.

Nice paper models!

> Now, I have a friend with enough tools and talent to help me
> cut the thin plywood/cardboard/plastic sheets to scale. I
> just don't know which material to choose ? Any ideas ?

I would recommend 1/4-3/8 plywood, not pressure treated, for the "skin", 
over a tube frame of some sort.  Sounds like fun!

> My first idea was to buy this 80 $CDN lawn cart
> (http://preview.tinyurl.com/2r85pj) and modify the length,
> the rear axle. The frame is there, the steering knuckles are
> there, even the wheels are about the right size. Obviously,
> my miniSQ will sport Ronals or Fuchs lookalikes... 
> Or, easier would be to buy this 80 $CDN kid cart
> (http://preview.tinyurl.com/32kfyd) and add the SQ body, but
> all the fun of creating the mechanicals of a mini-SQ from my
> hands would be lost... 

Those tinyurls didn't work for me, but I agree in principle that 
starting with a frame and some mechanicals would be a good move.  "Your" 
contribution can be doing a great job of the bodywork, seat, windsheild, 

You could use bicycle parts to fashion the drivetrain, and perhaps get 
fancy and put one hydraulic disc brake on the rear axle.

Will it have an open top or working doors?

Huw Powell



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