[urq] Coolant Reserivor Upgrade

Andrew afinn1 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 18:30:14 EDT 2007

As a note, I believe this temp gauge mod is only this easy with the early
wiring cars. I think I had to run a separate wire on my '85 because it's
wired a little differently. I could be wrong though.

Andrew Finney
1985 UrQ V8
(former '83 and '84 UrQ owner)


If you also want to install the gauge, replace the sensor on the head with
the temp sensor/overheat switch from a T85 4kq or coupe GT.  Install the
temp gauge AND REMOVE the blue warmup light because its on the same circuit.
 Now you have both engine temperature and coolant level warning.

'83 urquattro #302

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