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> Subject: [urq] Burning huge amounts of oil after turbo rebuild and new
> 	EM	after 6 months of use.
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> Hmmm, oil consumption is getting worse each week since april this year...
> Did a small test, perhaps you could comment on this:
> Idle for 10 minutes > accelerate fast to 5000 RPM > huge cloud of smoke
> from the exhaust.
> Guys, what does this mean? I'm very worried about this new 1 liter oil per
> 500 km thing.

Are you *sure* that the turbo oil drain hose has not been compromized ion any

On most turbos, the oil seals are very simple devices, and depend more on
centrifigul force to spin the oil off the turbine shaft, rather than actually
ddoing any  physical sealing.

Hence, the seals are very sensitive to any backpressure in the oil drain

If there is ANY restriction in the turbo oil drain  line (or the drain line
has been replaced with a smaller tube) there is the possiblility that the oil
would rather go out through the exhaust then down the drain..

Conversly: If the oil isn't getting burnt in the cylinders, where else CAN it
get into the exhaust?

Good luck!


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