[urq] 0-60 Magazine

Michael Hopton Michael at siliconoptix.com
Fri Aug 31 20:17:14 EDT 2007

Great to see Brandon's ur-q featured in the first edition of
0-60 magazine, hopefully they will do a more in depth 
article on your car later?
Seems like a pretty good magazine and the editor who
hangs out on motorgeek seems like a great guy. And
a damn sight cheaper than EVO.
Martin and Craig helped get my '84 back on the road
a few weeks ago and I have been driving it a bit while
the "fettling" continues. I started converting it from 3B
to ADU+ two years ago and it has been very much 
worth the time and energy. RS2 MAF, injectors, exhaust 
cam, turbo, 944 turbo intercooler, coil-on-plug and some 
Pastore 370hp software. It's a lot of fun..... 
cheers, Mike

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