[urq] Wiring Issue / Battery Drain

Todd Phenneger toddphenneger at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 03:36:50 EDT 2007

Ok, This is driving me nuts.
Patient is not my ur-q but rather my 4ktq.  But its sitting on my ur-q
suspension and has a 10vt engine so its sort of a 4-door ur-q. :-)

Recently my battery started dying.  Battery is fine, but the car will drain
it over a period of a night.  I have recently upgraded my relay/fuse setup
for lighting to a better marine grade unit.  OH, and 4ktq has the newer
style under hood fuse box.  Not the glass fuse style of the 83 ur-q.

So first the background and known issues.
-Upgraded relay setup
-Battery is good.
-Alternator is suspect.  I get 13.5 volts when running. But with lights on
at night "Even just 2x80w low beams, it drops about 1v to 12.5V.

So, here is where it gets weird.
I start looking for a voltage drop.  I go from my junction box against
firewall where my 1/0 gauge cable comes up from battery and then start
probing the fuses.  0.5mv, 1mv, .8mv, etc.   Basically, normal.  Then I get
to fuse 6.  11.3v.
6 = 11.3v
7 = 11.3v
8 = 1.1mv
9 = 11.3v
Etc Etc.

Basically, aver 1/2 of the fuses will show 11.3v.  What the heck.  At first
I thought it might just be in the headlight circuit but now appears to be
all over the board.
  Whats this mean.
-Fuse box is shot?
-Harness has a burned area somewhere that has accessed over 1/2 the wires
going to my fusebox?
- I'm screwed?

Car runs fine when on.  All circuits seem to work.  And when I park it, if I
unplug the negative terminal all seems to be fine.
Please offer suggestions if you have any.



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