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When you remove the tail piece,  also a good time to consider doing  the late 
style center locker (you can drive the dog clutch roll pin out, and it  will 
sit in the bottom of the trans tail vs fishing with a magnet for it).   On the 
pre 84 urq's, you also want to remove the spring that is under the boot  of 
the locking shaft, and replace the boot (you can use a brake caliper boot for  
this).  That spring was deleted in 84> center lockers.
Scott J
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Just to  add to the excellent description.
I also changed the bearing at the same  time.. sort of while I'm in there.


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> Brandon  says:
> >So it looks like I have a leak in the prop shaft output seal  on my
> >tranny (stock '84 016).  Sweet.  I'm told you are  supposed to remove
> >tranny and separate from the diff ( I think) in  order to get to that
> >seal.  Anybody know different - or know  a shortcut?  According to Ben
> >this is just a little bit of  work...ha!
> I just did this on my '82 urq, and it was not  nearly that hard.
> I did not have to remove the whole diff, the back of  the rear diff
> comes off.  You have to disconnect the prop shaft  at the
> tranny.  Then just take off a few bolts and pull out the  rear
> diff cover, which includes the output flange & shaft &  bearing &
> diff lock gear.  I needed a press and some heat to  get the gear
> off the shaft, which was the hardest part of the entire  procedure.
> That let me pull the shaft out so I could get to and  replace
> the seal.  Installation is the reverse of  removal.


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