[urq] Catalytic Converters

urq urq at pacbell.net
Sat Dec 15 10:25:50 PST 2007

IME most of the universal suppliers have flanges available ... you just
order what you need.  

If you have a welder and know how to use it I see no reason to pay to have
someone do the job ... it is pretty simple.  I prefer to have the flanges
... in fact I like the factory flanges with the swaged pipe, loose mounts on
the pipes and those ceramic seals as it allows you to adjust the rotation of
the cat and angles to be what they need to be ... it also allows you to
remove the cat easily to check to see if it is getting clogged ... 

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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I'm taking a look at a UrQ this weekend that has a straight-back 2.5"
exhaust with no cat.  I'm not sure I could pass inspection in MA
without a cat, even though pre-84 cars are exempt from emissions.  I
see a lot of the universal cats do not come with flanges.  Does
anybody have any suggestions on how I could install one  with minimal
cost/complexity?  Does anybody have any good resources for a high-flow
cat?  Have any of you ever built your own exhaust systems?

I suppose I could take it to an exhaust shop and say "here" but I'd
rather do it myself, if possible.

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