[urq] Hey Canadian guys

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at plguide.com
Tue Dec 18 11:56:18 PST 2007

Hi Brandon and al,

Funny, Eric, Brady and I had a Quattro lunch last night... and I insisted on
the fact that we must attend UPG2008 if the distance is within reach for us,
that is mid-west (Minnesota, Indianapolis). 2 days each way is the most we
can drive, reasonably. 
The 3 of us agreed that the meeting (and the journey...) is the goal,
lapping would be a (small) bonus but only Brady's car is kind of track
ready. A mini swap meet would fare better, as the 3 of us are compulsive
buyers for urQ stuff/models/books/parts/upgrades...

One thing that surfaced was that the 3 of us won't attend if it is the same
week-end as the Montreal F1 Grand Prix. So exclude us if UPG is 6-7-8 june
2008. Brady has a dyno day scheduled that week-end, and Eric and I are auto
journalists so this is the busiest week-end of the year...
(http://www.grandprix.ca/) (Free promo to attract wealthy US tourists in

That being said, if I have some family reasons (shhh, can't speak yet...)
not to be too far from home for 5-6 days, I can surely fly to UPG and help a
fellow lister drive his car back to Toronto/Montreal. But I would prefer to
drive my car, obviously, it would make a very nice paper in my magazine...

Nothing new in this message, but at least we have 3 Québec guys in the boat

In Montreal, where we received 12 + 15 inches of snow in the last 2 weeks.
Never seen that in 10 years here.

-----Message d'origine-----

Please forward this to others (Canadian or way northern) - Brady, etc -
I don't have other addresses.

So I'm curious on what you guys consider to be your boundaries - I'd
love to see as many of you guys at UPG 08 as possible and want to know
what you guys will consider - assuming you are seriously considering
attending.  I know it's not a black and white answer - but your thoughts
are seriously appreciated.  In fact Dennis Graber, Ben Howell and I had
lunch today and talked about this....

I guess let me know some places you guys would go to - I think frankly
we'd don't want to do Colorado (but certainly could) as it would mean we
wouldn't get a road trip.... If we went northeast-ish it would shorten
your distance....

Some of us CO guys want to start really talking turkey and make
something happen - so this is not a list email for massive discussion -
just curious about your thoughts ....

Anyway - thanks-


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