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Mike Fitton rfitton at vt.edu
Wed Dec 19 14:25:56 PST 2007


First the earth cooled.  And then the dinosaurs came.  But they got too 
big and fat and died out.  And then the Arabs came, and they drove 

Haha, no seriously...this one guy started a project and he asked a lot 
of people to help and a lot of people (including me) made the initial 
moves to help, but then a lot of people (including me) had a lot of 
other obligations come up because that guy started this project right 
around Thanksgiving and that's everyone's busy time of year, be it 
family stuff or working 70-90 hours per week stuff (I fall in the 
latter), so then when almost nobody contributed to this project or 
changed his diaper on his schedule he got really cranky and said 
everyone who hadn't contributed couldn't be in the club anymore, no ifs 
ands or butts, and if they don't like it they should contribute 
something post haste even though their lives didn't change just because 
he sent out a nastygram so a lot of people got offended and started 
eflipping him off and then dan simoes got involved and tried to make a 
compromise and then the other dude kind of apologized but also kind of 
didn't and about 20% of the way through all this it somehow spilled over 
into all the above lists (see the cc: field above) even though it's 
super annoying and is a waste of everyone's delete button which i 
imagine is also on a tight schedule these days and now while i can't 
speak for anyone else i feel like it's so disgusting and all i need is 
my good old s-car-list anyway because those guys are pretty chill and 
will tolerate my endless sentences about hooking up o-scopes to 
servotronic wires after i look at the clock at see a little after 5pm 
and think to myself gosh i've been up since 10pm yesterday so let him 
unfreakinsubscribe me if that's what makes him hard

Mike done apologizing for spending all my free time pretty much asleep 

j.koenig wrote:
> I think it's time you guys either explain to the rest of us what the hell is going on, or 
> take this crap off list. 
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