[urq] The hose from the igloo to the turbo inlet seems most expensive at $431

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Mon Dec 24 22:12:07 PST 2007

... actually "low  pressure" can be special too ... you want to make sure it
doesn't collapse.  That area also gets quite hot due to the proximity to the
turbo ... and having a leaky hose can lead to rough idle and other odd
behavior ...

I don't know if anything has made it into the updated KB yet (if I get a
chance I may check to see and add one tomorrow if it isn't there), but if
you need a solution you can do an archive search for Aircraft Spruce ... you
can get similar material to the stuff Audi used for a lot less $$ ...

Merry Christmas!
Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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That's item #20 in ETKA mg1 - dh45 illustration 20-10.   035 145 747C.
Anything special about it?   It's low pressure.   Seems like you could make
your own.  I saw a car where this hose was duct taped.

The hi pressure hose (#18) IC to the trottle body was quoted at only $252
my the same Audi parts dept. 

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