[urq] UrQ Intercooler Solutions

j.koenig koenigj at comcast.net
Thu Feb 15 09:02:45 EST 2007

If you're talking about a way to resolve heat-soak issues while not moving, then maybe. 
If you're talking about using a fan to increase airlfow through the IC, to reduce its 
temperature and increase power, it would take a pretty big fan to move more air through it 
than it normally sees at speed.  No analysis per se, just opinion.  For what it's worth, I 
don't think a radiator's fan contributes to cooling it either, unless you're moving slowly 
or stopped.

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ok kids here's mr mismatched snow tires and wacky suspension questions
at it again..

so i've been looking into IC solutions for my a4 since it's a crap IC
in a not-so-great location [ahead of the drivers side wheelwell]. so
in the interest of improiving what i have, i've been wondering if
putting a small electric fan behind the ic to pull air thru it
wouldn't make it more efficient?

it works for radiators, right? has anyone ever heard/seen/tried this?
any flow engineers out there have input? always seemed to me like it
might be a really big improvement, of course with nothing but
supposition and inductive reasoning. =)

one one hand, i assume if it worked people would do it. so what i
wonder is, why woudln't it work?


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