[urq] Definitive Eibach Info

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Jan 2 15:36:46 EST 2007

Guys -
well Merry Christmas to me.
Thanks to another Lister who made a very fortunate call on my behalf, I
was able to purchase a new-in-box, never-been-opened set of Eibach
Progressive Springs, Pro- Kit #1511.140 specifically for the '83-'87
Turbo Coupe Quattro (per the box).  Part numbers 1511.001 (front) and
1511.002 (rear).  I had talked to Eibach previously and knew this was
the proper kit and part number.  Finish is a "black diamond", kinda like
the '84 4000q.
Long long story but previously I had bought two other sets of used
Eibachs, both supposedly urq specific.  Both kits were incorrect - one
because I'm pretty sure, knowing what I know now, that it was for a
4000q, and the other one was a mis-matched set.  Neither had visible
part numbers.  Both sets of these springs looked almost exactly like the
new set - except the mis-matched set which I believe has one Linear Rate
spring thrown into the mix.  Both kits set the nose of the car a good
inch too low.  And the front just didn't feel right, "bump
This new kit has been installed and the car sits perfect - about an inch
lower than '84 ride height - although I do not have the exact
measurements yet.  The car sits _level_.  Not harsh, but definitely not
wallowy.  First impression is they are perfect.  This is combined with
Bilsteins.  I took free length measurements and the fronts are 319mm,
rears 300 (+/- .5mm).  Wire diameter is 13.208mm front and 11.792 rear.
Eibach R&D said stock free lengths should be 315mm +/- 15mm front and
296mm +/- 15mm rear.
There is a lot of mis-information out there on these springs, based on
my research on the various lists and forums, some with pics.  If you
have Eibachs and your car sits low in front - you don't have the
_correct_ Eibachs.  I saw quite a few photos of cars where guys said
they had Eibachs and their noses were too low - just like mine was.  I
would assume the confusion may come from the fact that, IIRC, H&R specs
the same springs for the urq as the 4kq.  Eibach does not. One thing I
am omitting is the very rare Linear Rate Eibachs, of which I'm not too
Hope this helps somebody somehow.
'84 urquattro 20Vt
'01.5 S4

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