[urq] suddenly lean again and some measurements

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Firstly, thanks to all of you who replied to my posting and provided helpful
advice.  At the moment I have not got to the bottom of the problem but for
the time being it seems to have gone away or at least become less frequent -
hasn't happened at all in the last couple of days. The rain has stopped and
I've managed to grab a few minutes to investigate. I tested the WOT switch
and it appears to be working correctly. Also the bulkhead mounted solenoid
that is wired downstream of the WOT switch and re-directs vacuum/pressure to
the WUR also seems to be working fine i.e. it certainly clicks when the WOT
is operated. But then, even if it were one of these items, as the symptoms
have been absent for the last few days, they would be working correctly.
Intermittent faults are the worst to find.
One thing I did remember though, when this happened last year it started
after a week away on holiday and so the car was not used for a week. Same
this time. So I suppose I have my answer - keep using it - which after all,
is what it was designed for.
If/when it recurs I will obviously endeavour to solve the problem and if I
do I'll let you all know. Until then, thanks for your help.

All the best

'87 WR (fun but occasionally troublesome)
'63 Daimler V8 (always there when I'm in a hole! - always gets me home)

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> Hapy New Year everyone. I hope so anyway.
> My first request for help of 2007....
> Can anyone with lots of spare bits or undergoing a rebuild supply me
withthe following measurements please ? -
> #1
> Internal diameter of each end of the turbo to intercooler hose.
> Internal diameter of each end of the intercooler to throttle body hose.
> Internal diameter of the "elephants trunk" piece of the I/C to T/B hose
that goes to the auxillary air valve
> Vehicle is stock '87 WR.
> Many thanks
> #2
>  Sometime last year I had a problem that I asked for help on but I
regretfully did not keep the replies and the problem went away and I never
found out a cause. Well it has started again. The symptoms are as follows:
> If I accellerate hard in any gear it pulls like a train and the air fuel
meter shows (as expected and desired) a rich mixture. When I lift off ,
change up and re-apply the accellerator the power has gone and the mixture
has gone lean. If I were to keep my foot down this condition would remain.
If I lift off and then reapply the accellerator then the power returns, the
mixture returns to rich and it would  continue to pull until I ran out of
revs. If I keep my foot down instead of changing up the mixture remains rich
so it does not appear to be a case of fuel starvation. (The sediment trap
upstream of the fuel filter is clear as can be anyway). I have removed the
"igloo" and looked at the airflow meter flap and there is no indication that
this sticks in any way - seems to be free to move. The injectors were new
about 2 years ago as were the injector seals. The injectors are held in
place with a steel injector bracket from a non-turbo coupe quattro and can
not move. I have not fould any holes or splits in any inlet hoses but as you
can tell from query #1 I am intending to replace all these. The turbo seems
in fine condition, never a hint of smoke and was checked for end play when
the engine was rebuilt about 3 years ago.
> It only ever happens when warm but this is because I never accellerate
hard until it is properly warm.
> Any ideas? Like I said, it occurred before and went away so I never found
out the cause.
> Look forward to receiving any suggestions.
> All the best
> Keith
> '87 WR
> '63 Daimler V8
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