[urq] RE : Lovin' it

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 15 22:52:57 EST 2007

Me too Brandon, mine is my daily driver and I love each minute of driving I get.
You only have one life to live, so better spend this time behind the wheel of
something special.

By the way, what was the conclusion on your alternator noise ? 


-----Message d'origine-----
Just wanted to make a quick post - seems we ( well, I, for sure) usually
post when something just isn't right (NLA parts, CIS acting up, ball
joints, etc etc) - well I've been driving the urquattro almost
exclusively during the last week as my Daily has been in the shop - and
I gotta say - I am _loving_ it.  Its been cold and snowy - great turbo
weather IMO!  Now that the suspension is fully sorted and I'm not
dealing with the alternator crap - it has been such a pleasure.
The last few days have once again proved to myself why I deal with all
this crap - the car has been so fun.  The power, the braking feel, the
road feel, the SOUND!  Even with the cold weather (well not when its 3
deg F) - I sometimes drive with the window a little open - and hearing
the motor at WOT thru 7000 rpm - hard shift into 2nd then 3rd...love it.
Go drive your cars.

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