[urq] Diff locks

AudiQtroCp at aol.com AudiQtroCp at aol.com
Thu Jan 18 22:50:50 EST 2007

Dennis, not to point out the seemingly obvious, but I have see where the 
o-ring in the diff actuator dried out to the point that it would not hold vacuum - 
have you tried a spare - or can you hear a leak near the switch?    Another 
potential source of a leak is the vacuum canisters that store the vacuum, not 
only can they crack near the mounts, but the rubber "plugs" that seal the 
plastic hose can dry rot too.

Many of the junctions are mated with rubber vacuum line as well, you are more 
likely to have developed a leak in one (or many) of those than to have 
physically split one of those hard lines.

last but not least - I would get one of those vacuum pumps from Sears and 
just start going line by line to isolate the leak before tearing the car apart...

Im a little confused that you say it wont disengage by either method - how 
does it feel when you manipulate it with your hand, with everything disconnected 
- they are actually supposed to have a return spring which aids in their 

Now, for a little info on the direction I was looking to go when I last went 
thru all of this vacuum crap and wanted to go electric.   Heavy-duty model 
airplane servos - yep, them big hunky ones...   low voltage, high torque, easily 
mounted, and easily controlled    :o}

Also, I never saw any pics or found out which car you ended up getting after 
your black car was totalled, you will have to fill me in.


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