[urq] Speedo & difflock conversion for later trans install

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Mon Jan 22 15:26:24 EST 2007

I will likely go with the mechanical route for now, ease and simplicity.  Then
someday if I ever got caught up(HaHa) I could make the conversion to

Now to do the diff lock conversion!


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> Along with updated engine install I'm in process of installing a
> from an '87 turbo quattro wagon into my '83 UrQ.  I'm wondering if anyone
> knows how to utilize/interface the 5kt electronic speedo - has this been
> successfully, or is it simple best to retrofit the trans with the speedo
> from the earlier cable unit?

Ben, I just went and looked at a spare sender I have, and the part that 
mates to the tranny looks for all the world just like the business end 
of a cable to drive a mechanical speedo.

So look at your parts carefully, you might just be able to attach your 
cable system to your new tranny, plug'n'play, as they say.

I don't know how broadly my observation would apply across models and 
years, but it certainly makes sense from a type 85 perspective - I know 
I have an 86 "non-electronic" tranny in my 87.5 cgt driving the 
electronic sender.  IE, they used the same trannies for both mech. and 
elec. speedo setups.

If you are going to get more adventurous... you'd need the wiring 
diagram, of course, and a few parts, but you could get a cgt/urq 
electronic dash and install it (mostly the same wires, different plug), 
along with new wires to the speedo sender.

Huw Powell



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