[urq] Speedo & difflock conversion for later trans

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This is what I was thinking of doing and converting to electronic later.  Only
so much time and the EFI conversion and location of appropriate intercooler
are time consuming enough.


All I need to do is run the vac. Lines to the actuator on the center diff.
since it is already there and ready to go.


I have already ordered the pinion speedo gear 088 409 197 and guide 014 409
1983 which interfaces with the cable.  Apparently they are used even up to '87
and in some 5000 TQs as that is what was reference in ETKA.  I suspect I will
find the electronic sender mounts onto the guide and was an add-on.




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No BTDT, but I suspect this might be a bit of a tough one to convert to
electronic.  Actually, there is one way ... switch over to a digidash (which
would require the newer dash/IC).  The problem is finding a digital speedo
which will fit in the urq's IC ... I don't think there is one other than the
digidash.  It is probably best to convert the tranny to handle the cable.  


If you have a stock '83 there are only one pair of vacuum lines going back to
the rear diff anyway, so you can leave them as they are and use them to
control the rear diff.  The newer cars have the center diff actuator mounted
on the tranny, which means the lines are very short.  If you are sticking to
the both locked or both unlocked scheme like the car originally had you would
need to tap the two new lines in at the diff lock switch.  The Bowden cable
and center diff lock actuator mounted near the rear diff can then be
disconnected and removed.  If you want to go to the 3-position setup it is
documented in the Bentley.


Steve B

San Jos?, CA (USA)


> Along with updated engine install I'm in process of installing a 

> transmission from an '87 turbo quattro wagon into my '83 UrQ.  I'm 

> wondering if anyone knows how to utilize/interface the 5kt electronic 

> speedo - has this been done successfully, or is it simple best to 

> retrofit the trans with the speedo gear from the earlier cable unit?  

> That seems like it should be straight-forware although having the 

> speedo from the avant would be nice - I don't even know if it goes in 

> to the Instrument cluster, much less what is needed to wire the electronic


> Also, need info. On converting to accommodate the vacuum difflocks, as 

> the '83 trans. Diff is activated from cable in rear  - I think.  It 

> would be nice to eliminate the cable which  snagged when dropping the 

> engine and trans out - the last thing I overlooked when yanking motor and



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