[urq] Speedo & difflock conversion for later trans install

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Wed Jan 24 12:46:25 EST 2007

There should be no conversion necessary on the transmission.  The electronic sender on the 5ktq just screws in instead of the speedo cable.  Just unscrew the sender (the  black plastic part, not the aluminum part that screws into the transmission) and screw on your cable.  The later 200qs with torsen center diffs used a different sender that clips on and a wheel with magnets on the output flange.  Those just require the gear on the output shaft, the worm gear and the aluminum adapter that screws into the transmission.

As is, there really is no good way to get the electronic speedo in a stock ur quattro cluster.  The Sport used an electronic speedo that looked very much like the 5kt cluster, but there really is no way to get that into an ur quattro without a custom dash board and switches.

Yes, the later diff lock is nicer, but you will have to run a couple more vacuum lines to the center diff.  The later locks seem to work more reliably and faster, as well as eliminating the bowden cable.  I would grab the whole setup, vacuum vacuum lines and all from a 4kq, then you have all the stuff you need in the correct lengths.  The front lines go through the firewall on the right side of the tunnel I believe.   



Along with updated engine install I'm in process of installing a transmission
from an '87 turbo quattro wagon into my '83 UrQ.  I'm wondering if anyone
knows how to utilize/interface the 5kt electronic speedo - has this been done
successfully, or is it simple best to retrofit the trans with the speedo gear
from the earlier cable unit?  That seems like it should be straight-forware
although having the speedo from the avant would be nice - I don't even know if
it goes in to the Instrument cluster, much less what is needed to wire the
electronic speedo.

Also, need info. On converting to accommodate the vacuum difflocks, as the '83
trans. Diff is activated from cable in rear  - I think.  It would be nice to
eliminate the cable which  snagged when dropping the engine and trans out -
the last thing I overlooked when yanking motor and trans.

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