[urq] 83 urquattro on ebay

formarty at comcast.net formarty at comcast.net
Thu Jan 25 19:43:32 EST 2007

The last time I looked to buy a TQC was in 2000. Almost bought one from KAR but they were too busy racing to ever get the car on a lift to tell me what work it needed. (Think of all the money I saved in 7 years) I was high bidder on the last one on ebay but way short of the reserve.The woman selling the car said she was trying to get back the 17K she had paid. She relisted the car and droped the buyit now to 16,500. I was high bidder at $6,100
The car up now has 53K miles, looks good cosmeticaly but I'm not getting much info on service history. Disconected parking brake, and craked handle on sun roof, one Euro headlight and one OEM seem to be only reported issues. Owner never hear of the term " brake bomb" and has not replaced the timming belt 
Car is in Rochester MI. Any chance someone knows a shop I could get to look at the car?
The dealer where I got my A4 says he would not touch the car on a bet. I'm not mechanicaly inclined and understand there are a couple of shops in the NJ/NY area who will work on the cars. Any names?
Would appreciate any advice.
I still have my 74 MGB-GT that I purchased new in 73 so I can live without the coupe.
Miss my 84 Audi GT and always have wanted a urquattro.
The buy it now price is $ 9.999 I'm high bidder at $5,100 but reserve is not met



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