[urq] Brake servo parts list available?

Alan Pemberton alan_pemberton at telus.net
Sun Jan 28 23:24:48 EST 2007


As I has to replace the seals in my servo, I ordered extra parts and can
provide the O rings and seal for the alloy servos (can anyone help with the
size of the O ring that is a different size for the cast units?).  Cost is
$35 which was my cost.  Contact me off list if I can help.

Alan Pemberton
85 urq

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> Last year I managed to get a good (at the time) used complete brake servo
> replace my leaking unit. It wasn't to difficult to replace, other than the
> fact that it was from a RHD car so I needed to change the shaft. Now after
> about  8 months, this brake servo is also leaking. I know the rebuild kit
that was
>  offered at one time is no longer available. Has anyone compiled a list of
> the  sizes of o-rings and oil seal needed so we can put together our own
> kit?  If I had a good set of micrometers, Id try and figure out what sizes
> need. At  least if we knew that, we could find the parts and do it
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