[urq] RE : ice blasting + rust proofing

J H milisen at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 29 03:50:58 EST 2007

Hi Louis-Alain,

Yes, the underside is coated with a thick rubber like material. I have tried 
to remove this at some spots, and as you say it is very hard a work. With 
the dry ice method this coating is removed in seconds, without any harm done 
to the painting underneath. I had a look at some spots underneath the rubber 
like material, and there is a grey painting.

The reason why I want to remove to  the rubber like material, is that I want 
to make sure there is no rust underneath it. And it is very hard to see 
where there are possible cracks and rust underneath... Also it would give me 
peace of mind to have seen the complete underside :-)

But as you say it also has a sound deadening effect. Hmm, maybe I have to 
re-think the ice-blasting bit.



Helsinki, Finland

*****Johan, if I'm right, the underside is already coated with a thick
rubber-like product that is very hard to remove. There is no paint
there. You don't have to remove it, just repair where there is rust,
and re-seal with a similar product. There is at least two good reasons
not to remove that stuff: it is very good at protecting the underside
from the road debris, and it has a role as a sound reduction barrier.
Remove it, and you'll regret it as all the stuff projected by the
wheels will hit the floorpan and make an horrible noise.

 >The other choice I was thinking of, is to only have the floorpan
 >rustproofed. With some sort of wax, or oil based material.

*****Wax and oil-based rustproofings are good where water can collect,
like inner door panels, door sills, but are no use for the underside
except to pick up dirt. The rubberlike undercoating is what will
protect the floorpan.

Hope this helps,


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