[urq] UrQ Intercooler Solutions

John Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Wed Jan 31 18:48:02 EST 2007

Ben Swann wrote:
> I am about halfway through the installation of a balanced MC-1 topped
> with Big Valve head using EFI and MAC-14 ignition and 65mm+ exhaust
> on out and I'll be starting with a k24/AAN turbo.  I'm looking at the
> intercooler possibilities, but keeping AC makes it look more like no
> dice without major cutting and welding.  This is all going into my
> '83 Ur Quattro.

Well if you need some help making custom end tanks for any of the ICs you 
have come on over and I'll get you setup. Your options are greatly increased 
when you just look at the ICs as a core with no ends on it! I owe you one 
still anyways ;-). I'd come to you, but my welder wont fit in any of my 

-Cody Forbes
'86 5k noT noQ
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'87 5ktq
'87 5ktq - Fast. Really Fast. 

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