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Thanks for the post! 

I always find these articles (and the associated reader comments) very interesting if somewhat torturous to read. I think the author has it about right and we may yet see our day in the sun. The prices even some of the tackiest vintage muscle cars are commanding these days are very encouraging. When the 80s switch from being viewed as a "curiosity" decade to a "nostalgia" decade (I predict in 10 or so years) I think we will see more support of well-kept pieces, even with modifications as long as they are "in character" (VAG parts where possible). 

Regardless, the complete aloofness of most folks toward the car these days gives me a smug feeling of "you don't know what you're missing" that I never tire of. So if we continue to live the "lost legend," well, that's kind of cool in itself. No one can accuse us of being enthusiast lemmings, and doing something because it's interesting to -you- is such a rare act these days that for me it's not simply about a car but a general statement of taste and individual choice that I really enjoy. Plus, I still think a $150 NOS ball joint is money better spent than a $150 round of golf :-)

>That article actually appeared in Sorts Car Market Magazine.  I don't know the author, >although I uusally take what they say with a grain of salt, at least on cars that are >out of the mainstream collectible market.  They tend to underestimate the values on >lesser known cars, or their favorite cars to pick on.  Ask them about a Porsche 928, >or a Ferrari Testarossa, or a Lamborghini Countach and they'll tell you they are all >dogs.  A quattro has even fewer people interested in it, so it's no surprise that they >don't find them all that exciting.

>Having said that, I think in this case they are right.  I have seen the $20k eBay cars >and have spoken to someone that has gotten double that for a super low mile car.  I'd >love to see a really nice car go fo $20-$25k, as I have a low mileage '83 that I am >intending to sell this year.


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> Well, at least according to this article in Business Week by "Sports Car 
> Market". Actually, a very nice article by Rob Sass....does anyone know him? 
> http://forums.audiworld.com/quattro/msgs/18741.phtml 

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