[urq] Coil-On-Plug in '84 ur-q Tachometer Feed?

Michael Hopton Michael at siliconoptix.com
Thu Jul 5 16:43:51 EDT 2007


Bring your sledge hammer tonight and we can alter 
the floorpan for the 6 gang!

At this point I will be very happy when the engine
fires up.....

cheers, Mike 

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I think Mike's plate if full enough to worry about a 6-speed, this one
has been off the road way too long now.


Concentrate.. 6-speed bad, running car.. good!! :)


> Patrick Carlier
> A friend of mine did this . Hes' got an ur-q RS4 .
> The AAN ecu has a tach out wire , only its' signal is far to weak to 
> drive the analog gauge .
> IIRC there's a resistor and a diode to be removed in the tach , and 
> another resistor has to be replaced with a different value , and then 
> the ecu tach signal can drive the gauge directly .
> I'll contact him and try to obtain some more detailled information .
> Btw , have you ever considered putting in a six speed gearbox with the

> 3B .
> It's not an easy conversion , but it can be done .
> Pat
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>> Any particular reason you don't want to stick with the mechanical 
>> feed from the tranny?  Or have you swapped in a Torsen?
>> Brandon
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>> I am finally motivated to complete the coil-on-plug engine conversion

>> in my '84 ur-q. I had a 3B setup working perfectly but for some 
>> depraved reason decided to convert it to coil-on-plug. During the 
>> conversion an
>> RS2 turbo, exhaust cam, MAF
>> injectors and 944 turbo intercooler were added. So it is finally 
>> coming together.
>> Any ideas on how I get an RPM signal for my '84 ur-q analog 
>> tachometer from an AAN coil-on-plug engine/wiring loom? Is the 
>> tachometer signal pin 40 on the ECU any good?
>> cheers, Mike

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