[urq] Brake lights update

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Sat Jul 21 22:18:01 EDT 2007

It should connect to 'always live' circuit. One side goes to the column 
light switcher stalk, and the other to ign. switch. Depending on the 
type of connector on the loose wire, you can determine which type of 
connector it came from, but basically trying to find always live wire 
connector that must live somewhere within the length of that wire. If 
you fail, you can attach it to red/black wire already found, via bridge 
clip, and look for proper solution at later date.

HTH, Ado

DGraber460 at aol.com wrote:

>After 4-5 hours of pretzel like contortions under the dash, and pulling  down 
>the fuse panel, I found a red/black wire hanging suspiciously in the foot  
>well. Put 12 volts to it and the brakes lit gloriously. This is the wire from  
>the brake-light socket at the rear of the car.
>Now the new dilemma. I can't find where it is supposed to live. The Bentley  
>shows that it should come out of track F20 on the panel. There is indeed a  
>red/black wire at F20, but it disappears into a loom going up into the upper  
>dash. I can find no position/location to re-connect the wire.
>Anyone know where I should be looking? I spent over an hour scanning  the 
>back of the fuse panel and all surrounding areas for a possible connection  point 
>to no avail.
>All advice very appreciated. 
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