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a.sigal at bluewin.ch writes:

It  should connect to 'always live' circuit.

If I connect to an "always live" circuit the brake lights would be "always  
on" as this wire goes directly to the lights. Don't I need to find the output  
from the fuse panel that is "switched live by the brake pedal"?
Granted- this _circuit_ must be "always live" independent of ignition,  and 
the wire going to the brake pedal switch is red with yellow and is  "always 
live". The wire going back to the fuse panel is red with black and  switched by 
the pedal.
The loose wire has no connector. Only a bare end which is no help in  finding 
it's point of origin. Piggy-backing into the wire coming off the brake  pedal 
switch will indeed work, but I sure hate to do that sort of thing, but I  
Bentley shows nothing of the fuse panel output going up to the light stalk.  
Why does it go up there? Does flash to pass activate the brake lights as  well?
Still thwarted by the superior German electrical engineering of the  simplest 
circuit on the whole car! 

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