[urq] Brake lights update

Steve Eiche seiche at shadetreesoftware.com
Mon Jul 23 13:42:07 EDT 2007

I pulled out my original '82 urq harness and traced the wires as much as 
I could.

On my harness, there are two red/black wires coming out of the F20 
contact. One is about 4" long with a single pin white connector, which 
mates to the brake light wire in the rear harness.  Unfortunately, the 
other wire has been spliced, but I think that it goes off to the cruise 
control harness.   One of the two wires in my harness is barely hanging 
on to the contact by maybe five strands.  I wouldn't doubt if your 
original got broken off.

The way that I would recommend to fix your issue is to remove the 
contact in F20, cut off the contact and put in a new one with the 
existing wire that goes up into the dash and another wire that you can 
connect to the brake light wire.  I wouldn't recommend splicing.



P.S. How did the CPS installation go?

DGraber460 at aol.com wrote:
> After 4-5 hours of pretzel like contortions under the dash, and pulling 
> down the fuse panel, I found a red/black wire hanging suspiciously in 
> the foot well. Put 12 volts to it and the brakes lit gloriously. This is 
> the wire from the brake-light socket at the rear of the car.
> Now the new dilemma. I can't find where it is supposed to live. The 
> Bentley shows that it should come out of track F20 on the panel. There 
> is indeed a red/black wire at F20, but it disappears into a loom going 
> up into the upper dash. I can find no position/location to re-connect 
> the wire.
> Anyone know where I should be looking? I spent over an hour scanning the 
> back of the fuse panel and all surrounding areas for a possible 
> connection point to no avail.
> All advice very appreciated. 
> Dennis
> Denver

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