[urq] URQ Brake lights

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Mon Jul 23 21:09:25 EDT 2007

> I have been it seems driving for some time without brake lights.
> Patient - 83 early under dash URQ
> Fuse good.
> Bulbs are good.
> Grounds are good.
> E-Flashers work.
> Signals work
> Pedal Switches work.
> Rest of tailights work.
> I have not had much time at all to look into this but last night I found I have no power at the pedal switches. I dread tracing this anywhere (if that is even possible) with the bundle of spaghetti wires the "superior German engineers" gave us to deal with.
> Any usual suspects from BTDT?

1. The pedal switches ground the circuit, IIRC.  No power there.  Switch 
could be dirty, by the way.
2. "Grounds are good" maybe not.  They may not handle the current very well.
3. How are the rest of the taillights?  Do the signals work well while 
parking lights are on?
4.  Don't be afraid of the wiring.  Dig out your Bentley, and you are 
pretty much just following one or two color codes around.  The schematic 
will show you what voltages to expect and where, under various conditions.

Here's something I wrote long ago about VAG taillights:



Huw Powell



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