[urq] Throttle Body Shaft Linkage swap

brady zq bradyzq at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 24 12:30:15 EDT 2007

I have an 034 EFI'd urq, and have the same problem. I was told that a KH 
throttle body plastic cam was smaller than my urq's WX, so I found one. Same 
thing. No help at all. So, if you say the urq is the closest to fitting, 
then forget the KH.

What I've done is ugly, and hopefully temporary (been a couple of years 
now), but it works. I'm using the cruise control ball and socket end as the 
end of my throttle cable. Alittle cutting, bending, looping, crimping, and 
it will be solidly attached.

The TPS is a cheapie GM piece (Sunfire, I think) that has been fitted on the 
other end of the throttle shaft from the cable.

Everything works fine, however, I have lost the progressive nature that the 
black plastic cam provided.


>From: "Ben Swann" <benswann at comcast.net>
>Thanks. I was able to take them apart.  Turns out not only the shaft was
>longer on the 5000 one, but also larger diameter, so cant swap them.
>I'm working on adapting the end - not trivial.
>Surprising I have not seen anyone complain about issues with interference
>between the throttle bodies and fuel rails when doing EFI conversion.  The
>cable end smashes into the 034EFI fuel rail on every throttle body and
>manifold combination I've tried.  The only one that is close is the Ur 
>TB where I could bend the eye that the cable end fits in.  No way to get 
>5000 manifold and TB to work with this fuel rail.
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>From: Ado Sigal [mailto:a.sigal at bluewin.ch]
>No BTDT, but in essence you are going to end up with shorter shaft with
>slot for TPS. Wouldn't be easier to cut and file the shaft to suit, than
>to remove butterfly and all that. Even if it fails, you can always do
>the swap. BTW, shaft is one piece, and 2 sunk in screws hold the
>butterfly. Must clean the shaft before removing, and adjust butterfly
>and Locktite the screws after the swap.
>Ben Swann wrote:
> >I am trying to swap the shaft and certain parts from the later MC-1 
> >body to an earlier WX (Ur Quattro) throttle body.  This is so I can use 
> >later switch(actually TPS) from later models.
> >
> >
> >
> >ANY BTDT on removing the shaft?  Is the shaft one piece that goes all the 
> >through or does it split somewhere? Any diagrams.
> >
> >
> >
> >Ben
> >

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