[urq] Early Rear Tie-Rods

Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Tue Jul 24 14:22:15 EDT 2007


Haven't done it yet.
Did not find anyone locally who would carry those.
Didn't look hard as I don't really need them yet.. :)


> Louis-Alain Richard
> Todd,
> If you tie-rod ends are worn, but the inner rubber bushes are fine, you
> can
> install Suzuki Sidekick outer ends on the urQ, BTDT last year. See this
> post
> for some numbers:
> http://www.audifans.com/pipermail/urq/2006-April/008802.html
> BTW, I think you inversed the style:
> The bent one is for the early 1981-1983 urQ (NLA anywhere)
> The straight ones are 1984 and up, urQ and 4000Q. (available everywhere)
> Louis-Alain
> PS: I think Brady and Martin Pajak both have installed the Suzuki parts,
> they might confirm my find.
>> -----Message d'origine-----
>> I did a brief search of the Archives but didn't find anything.
>> I need new rear tie-rods for an EARLY Style ur-q suspension.
>> IE...1983. It
>> seems most parts sources only list ONE tie-rod now that appears to be
>> the
>> same as the later tie-rods.  The early tie rods attached in the middle
>> of
>> the subframe instead of toward the back where the sway bar is located
>> on
>> early models.  Problem is, this tie rod seems to be LONGER than the
>> later
>> style.
>> I took out both and compared them and they seem to be similar in
>> overall
>> dimensions except length.  The early ur-q unit is longer and does have
>> a
>> thicker main shaft but the ends are the same.  Because of the length
>> issue
>> however it doesn't appear they are swapable.
>> Does anyone know where to find an early style or an early style END
>> that
>> would be compatible.  The early arms don't have the funky Dogleg end
>> like
>> the later style does.  Any END with the right conical angle and size,
>> and
>> thread should work.
>> Thanks
>> Todd

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