[urq] Early Rear Tie-Rods

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 24 17:36:31 EDT 2007

Oh Oooooo
Where can I get trim pieces.  I need a TON of trim bits for around the
Driver and Passenger windows.  Basically I want everything that's plastic or

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> Did I hear something about finding a shop for rebuilding tie rods to
> deal with this........or was that another audi fantasy
> moment.......mmmmmmm tie rod end, endless trim pieces, taxi gauge pods
> for everyone.
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> I did a brief search of the Archives but didn't find anything.
> I need new rear tie-rods for an EARLY Style ur-q suspension.  IE...1983.
> It
> seems most parts sources only list ONE tie-rod now that appears to be
> the
> same as the later tie-rods.  The early tie rods attached in the middle
> of
> the subframe instead of toward the back where the sway bar is located on
> early models.  Problem is, this tie rod seems to be LONGER than the
> later
> style.
> I took out both and compared them and they seem to be similar in overall
> dimensions except length.  The early ur-q unit is longer and does have a
> thicker main shaft but the ends are the same.  Because of the length
> issue
> however it doesn't appear they are swapable.
> Does anyone know where to find an early style or an early style END that
> would be compatible.  The early arms don't have the funky Dogleg end
> like
> the later style does.  Any END with the right conical angle and size,
> and
> thread should work.
> Thanks
> Todd
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