[urq] RE : Maybe not : Ball joint boots : type43 parts may fit

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Wed Jul 25 11:13:11 EDT 2007

Hi Steeve,


I spoke with Brady and the Type 43 BJ boots do fit the urQ ball joints. 


However there is another solution involving some machining, but the solution
is permanent and cheap, relatively.


Brady told me that he installed some early Type 89 front ball joints, after
enlarging the urQ struts hole to 19 mm (with a reamer), and removing some
material off the BJ with a grinder. That way, in the future, BJ will be
readily available for less than 40$, 








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I did notice that the boot retainer springs - in ETKA  are listed as 37mm
and 23 mm top one.   The 37mm seems to small so maybe this 5000 boot won't


I may pull the torn boot off this used ball joint I have and take better
measurments but the bottom of a brand new 84 urq ball joint seems to be
bigger than the 37mm on the outside based on my sloppy measurement.  


steve Murray 

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