[urq] Original 83 front calipers < 581 - screw that holds caliper to guide pins has been NLA for a long time.

steven j michellepfeiffersx at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 26 16:02:38 EDT 2007

6 15 54-00 in ETKA 
  My car has G60's but I have fresh old G54 calipers and 4 fresh old 280mm rotors.   I have the original G54s and caliper carriers but am missing these 4 screws.  Also missing the flat plate that slips into the caliper piston hollow. (#4) in ETKA. 
  Old etka (#3)  shows # for these screws as 431 615 141.  New ETKA says NLA instead of a part #. 
  The don't give a screw dimension.  Anyone know?  
  WOuld these screws be included with the PAD set?  The picture for PADs #13 seems to show a screw in the photo.
  Newer cars use a screw that starts with 321. 
  The flat plate #4 seems to be available, if it is really used (can't always trust etka). 

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