[urq] G'box numbers, Areial wiring and more

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> 1. Aerial Wiring:
Red/black is permanent +12v voltage from fuse 4.
White is switched by the radio, +12v to lift the antenna, 0v to lower it.

The aerial unit has to be earthed to work - this is via the bracket mounting 
bolt to the bracket and then to the body.

> 2. I have a spare ECU which has the pressure sensor outlet "stump" broken 
> off. Does anyone know a supplier of this sensor (transducer) and if 
> possible a part number or value/rating. Approx cost would be welcome too.
NLA for years and years. ISTR that Roger Galvin was experimenting with a 
replacement but haven't heard how it went.

> 4. Finally, the sender that sits in the hole on the top of the bell 
> housing - that looks for the pins in the flywheel - how do you remove it 
> without breaking it. I have removed the cap screw and it is possible to 
> rotate it in either direction but I can't lift it out. Any good 
> suggestions.

ISTR that it has an 'O' ring - have you tried carefully prising it with a 
wide-blade screwdriver?


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