[urq] UPG 07??

j.koenig koenigj at comcast.net
Sat Jun 2 09:59:12 EDT 2007

You may already know...

In the past, there have been semi-organized gatherings of interesting cars and groups of 
lined up on the track in the Indy Turn 2 area near the museum (unused for F1) and promoted 
as an attraction (on Saturday?).  There might be an opportunity there to arrange something 
with track management.

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I still think it would be fun to get something going on a national basis
- somewhere somewhat central.  This could be for '08.  I had a great
time at UPG '05 in CT - it was a huge drive but it was great.  I'd be up
for someplace within about 1000 miles of Denver.  I really think F! at
Indy in 08 could be sweet - get a block of tickets and make a huge long
weekend out of it...


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