[urq] Starting issues... Hall Sender?

Jim Miller jmiller at quantumcom.com
Wed Jun 6 11:42:33 EDT 2007

The starting problem returns!

I was just starting to work on some extra goodies on Gobi this  
weekend (early morning) when I was getting ready to run her up some  
ramps... she wouldn't start. Okay, been through this process before,  
right! Did all the usual "car does not start" diagnostics and the  
only thing I came up with when I was using my homemade LED test light  
at the ECU, was when I cranked the engine while testing the Hall  
Sender, the light stayed on constant, not flickering like the manual  
stated. Then I checked the Reference Mark Sensor (with LED) and  
thought the pulsing signal was a very weak. I have since replaced the  
Speed Sensor with the same symptom (weak signal) and she fired right up.

Okay, now that you know the background. Here's what I must ask. If  
the test light for the Hall Sender doesn't flicker, does that mean  
it's faulty and needs to be replace (not sure how to do this yet) or,  
is it a faulty Reference Mark Sensor? If it's the RMS, I can't budge  
the damn thing! I think the aluminum sleeve has fused with the tranny.

Any advice on this? I need to get her back on the road for the next  
event in two weeks.

Sure do appreciate your expert opinions!


83 URQ

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