[urq] Tail Light Issues, more

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Wed Jun 6 13:50:07 EDT 2007

Please describe exactly which connector(s) you detached from the fuse box
and the number of the fuse that is blowing.  There are internal connections
in the fuse box, and the short may be on another connector that just happens
to be on the same circuit.  My money is with Max on this one ... perhaps it
isn't the trunk lid loom, but it is probably a damaged loom somewhere.  

I also saw some posts saying that there are situations where coupling
between brakes/signal/running lights is not due to grounding ... I can't see
any way other than perhaps a shorted loom that would cause this.  In general
it is a bad ground, and in most cases it is at the rear tail lights ... and
in most cases it is easily solved by adding a ground connection to the lug
on the panel that holds the bulbs.  

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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    I fixed the grounds, and now both blinkers work properly.
BUT...taillight fuse for the passenger side still blows when I turn the
lights on. I unhoked the harness from the fuse block, inserted a new fuse,
turned the switch..snap!. There goes another fuse, with all of the running
lights and headlights disconnected. Could there be a short inside the fuse

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