[urq] taillight issues...more

Gary Brown gmbchef at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 6 17:27:37 EDT 2007

The fuse that is blowing is the #6 (or #5) fuse, 5 amp, right side lights and right side taillight. I disconnected the green connector, which goes to the headlights and side marker lights. I found this out by jumpering the power feed to the blown fuse slot to each wire in the disconnected harness. With this disconnected, I put in a new fuse, and it blew as soon as the power was turned on. Also, with this dis connected, the left side taillight comes on, as that fues slot is fine. There is a green/Red wire in that green connector that does not light up my test light when power is applied to it. Not sure where this goes, nor do I think it is part of the problem. Seems like the short is in the fuse block. 
  Grounding the tab on the light panel did fix my turn signal issue.
  Any more insights??
  Please describe exactly which connector(s) you detached from the fuse 
and the number of the fuse that is blowing.  There are internal 
in the fuse box, and the short may be on another connector that just 
to be on the same circuit.  My money is with Max on this one ... 
perhaps it
isn't the trunk lid loom, but it is probably a damaged loom somewhere.  

I also saw some posts saying that there are situations where coupling
between brakes/signal/running lights is not due to grounding ... I 
can't see
any way other than perhaps a shorted loom that would cause this.  In 
it is a bad ground, and in most cases it is at the rear tail lights ... 
in most cases it is easily solved by adding a ground connection to the 
on the panel that holds the bulbs.  

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