[urq] West Coast UPG GTG This Year?

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Thanks Bruce! 

You're right about a Bay Area g2g - I had planned to stay with my folks in Tiburon if that happened, but I had not thought through the need for decent accomodations with safe parking for the other out-of-towners...Oops. Similarly, Tahoe is probably gangbusters year round now that I think of it. I still like the idea but have no idea of costs at all. 

I like this Guernville idea; Any idea what the price range per night is at this place? The location sounds great. I'm a coast-junkie myself, so anything close to the beach gets extra points with me, salty air or not!

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> Well, the bay area is going to be big $$$$ even for a "cheap" room if you
> can find one in an area where the cars are relatively safe. I'm not sure
> what or when off season is in Tahoe. According to my son who has a place in
> Incline Village, it is always busy.
> Another location which may be worth checking out is Dawn Ranch. I just spent
> a weekend there the middle of May for my son's wedding. This place is in
> Guerneville (Russian River Valley) has about 15 acres on the river and very
> rustic cabins among the redwoods. There is a restaurant and bar on site. The
> ocean and Santa Rosa are only about 20 minutes away. The owner, Michael
> could probably hook you up with wine tasting as he owns a vineyard in Napa.
> With a group, you may be able to negotiate a deal.
> No I'm not willing to coordinate and I have no interest in this place other
> than that of a past guest. 
> Bruce 
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> Hmm, Tahoe sounds cool...are accomodations even remotely affordable in the
> area these days? I haven't been up there since the 80s. Scenery would be
> awesome, though. One of the ski areas would be an awesome off-season
> get-together point. Do you think there is any chance Squaw Valley or some
> place like that would permit an autocross in a portion of their huge parking
> lot? Nothing too dramatic, just a fun activity and great photo-op. I love
> photos of urqs pitched in a hard turn! A poker run or other such
> "competition" rally would also be a fun way to enjoy the cars and meeting
> people in a loosely-structured activity. Driving around up there sure is
> gorgeous, especially in summer and fall!
> Alternately, one of the small towns along the the Northern California coast
> or Southern Oregon coast might be really cool and picturesque as well. I
> don't know much about these areas personally; never taken 101 all the way up
> or down...
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> Let's talk about it!  In a way I'd almost prefer if it was somewhere else
> ... Tahoe perhaps?  ... but I'd certainly have no problem with something
> local to the SF Bay Area.  
> I'm getting the V8s back in line ... then I'm going to tackle the ury ...
> summer should be doable for me!
> Steve B
> San Jos?, CA (USA)
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