[urq] West Coast UPG GTG This Year?

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Mon Jun 11 16:24:26 EDT 2007

... don't want this one to die off ... 

So, for those who might have some chance of being able to attend ... what
time frame would you be available?  Also, it might be good to know your
preferences on location ... 

For me, any time after the end of August gets tougher for me ... at least
for more than a weekend of time ... as school starts in early September.
Right now my time is my own ... but when I get a job that might change.  

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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I think lodging in Sonoma for the Ntl event is semi-reasonable. ~140 a night
IIRC in past years. Yes, tourist season is winding down and it is the most
beautiful time of year with the grape leaves turning color and great
weather. It would be great to see a large number of Ur-Qs gather there.

Mike Veglia

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Mike, for that I would defiantly make plans to come out to Sonoma. Quattro
event + wine tasting, does it get any better? A plus is that tourist season
should be winding down a bit and prices for lodging may be more reasonable. 


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If the timing is right I would love to attend this wherever it may be. 

The Guerneville idea is a good one. Almost within my AAA+ towing range from
home too ;)

I'll toss out an idea that may not tbe the most popular, but worth tossing
out anyway. The ACNA (Audi Club North America, formerly QCUSA) Frank Beddor
National event is at Infineon in Sonoma this year in early October and it
sure would be nice to see a large flock of Ur-Quattros descend upon that

Monterey Salinas area for either the Historics or ALMS is also a good idea.
It would be great to have a bunch or Ur-Qs in the ACNA corral at ALMS. For
the Monterey Historics I think we could get our own corral if we can get 25
cars to commit. Not so sure I would recommend Salinas these days as a place
to stay though. I wouldn't park my Ur-Q most places there overnight.

Okay, so I am big on ideas and really slack on organizing due to lack of
time. Just thought I would toss out some ideas.

Mike Veglia

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