[urq] Hall Sender?

Jim Miller jmiller at quantumcom.com
Wed Jun 13 08:52:26 EDT 2007

Hey guys, Jim again (starting problems).
The staring problem prevails on Gobi.
I managed to finally get the Speed Sensor (located top) off and swap  
it with one I had off a spare engine (with 90k) and still no luck. I  
really thought that would do the trick since that worked when I  
replaced the Reference Sensor (located side)  last time I had this  
starting problem. So, if the Hall sender is still showing a constant  
signal (LED test light on but not pulsing) could it be the Hall  
Sender. If so, how hard is it to pull from the distributor? Oh, just  
an FYI... the timing reference marks line up on the fly wheel and the  
cam gear but the marks on the distributor are slightly advanced.
Thanks for any advice.

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