[urq] Hall Sender? (urq)

Jim Miller jmiller at quantumcom.com
Wed Jun 13 12:37:32 EDT 2007

The pins I checked (according to the Introductory Service Training  
Info Maintenance and Adjustments manual) are as follows:

Checking signal from Hall Sender
_Pull back boot on (F/TCU) multiplug
_Reconnect multiplug to control unit
_Connect LED tester positive lead to F/TCU terminal 22
_Connect negative lead to F/TCU terminal 4
_Crank engine

LED should flicker if Hall Sendor is OK. (If LED does not flicker  
check Hall Sender voltage supply)

The LED stays on constant during engine cranking.
And, I checked the voltage supply to Hall Sender and it checked out.

So, you suggest trying to rotate the distributor while cranking the  
I'll give that a try.
I have a newer distributor from my spare engine but its Hall sender  
power female plug has a different boot. Also, the body of the  
distributor is not as deep as my original one. I know it will fit.

Thanks! I'm workin' on it.


If the Hall Sender signal truly is not switching the ECU may not  
generate a
spark signal.  Are you sure that you are looking at the correct pin?   
is a pin that supplies power to the sender.

The MAC-02 is also quite sensitive to the timing of the Hall Sender  
If you suspect the dizzy is off you can try loosening it and turning it
slightly while cranking.  There's now worry about screwing up the  
timing as
it is all determined by the flywheel sensors.

Steve B
San Jos?, CA (USA)

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