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"Is your engine steel-sleeved ?


Yes it is.

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> The BMW F1 1500cc 4 cylinders blocks of the early 80's were supposed to be 
> stock engines that were used for a few months in a road car, because they 
> were supposed to be less "stressed" after all the heat cycling... A newly 
> cast aluminum block can show cracks or air pockets in the metal, and using 
> the blocks in a road car would be a good way to discard the bad ones. 
> Remember that these monsters were north of 1000 hp during qualifications. 
> That's what I read in a magazine, don't remember which one... 
> Is your engine steel-sleeved ? 
> Louis-Alain 
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> > I'd be curious about the history of the alum blocks in the street cars. 
> > Putting some of them in road cars for testing for the rally machines 
> > does not make sense to me at all. I would think they would put some in 
> > road cars maybe for homologation. And road cars don't see near the 
> > abuse of the rally cars - so I would think road cars wouldn't be a good 
> > testbed. Vice verse makes more sense IMO. And would an onwer really 
> > be happy about their car sitting for who knows how long while their motor 
> > is crated back to Germany? 
> > 
> > Very cool block - wodul love to hear if you can fel difference in 
> > handling. Anyone of the historians - chime in on history. 
> > 
> > Brandon 
> > '84 ur 
> > 

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